Record information yourself

Whether you are the type of person who jots down info in your little notebook after a meeting, or creates a new contact in your phone list to add personal notes about someone that you met, this app will make your life easier.  Build a profile or take notes on dedicated e-Cards for each new person, and organize that data in the best way for you to easily recall and retrieve their information.

One person told me how he records info when he meets someone at a bar or restaurant – he goes into the bathroom stall and jots it down in his notebook!  Someone else uses his phone contact list for recording memorable facts about people he meets, and adds keywords to the title to better organize them in his phonebook.  The problem with using your contact list is that its not always easy to remember where to find it again, and since your phone book wasn’t created to perform this function, it’s clunky at best.

One of the best things about this app is that after you create an electronic data card, or e-Card, it is easily retrievable by the method of recall that best works for you.

Exchange e-Cards at the click of a button

If you attend a lot of meet and greets on a regular basis, and are less inclined to take notes about people you meet, you will save valuable time with this function.

Using GPS proximity, users in the same vicinity can trade electronic profile cards in seconds.  Locate their username on your app (automatically displays others near you), and share your pre-made e-Card with one click of the screen.  This completely replaces the awkward phone number swap.  Create several different e-Card profiles for sharing, and choose which one to use depending on the social setting.

After receiving an e-Card in your Queue, just place it into a Group that you previously generated, or create a new Group!

Electronically share, collect, and organize business cards

Scan business cards, easily upload them into your e-Card, and now your business cards can be shared too!  No more stacks of cards sitting in piles around your house.


Attending a meeting where all participants need to share POC info? No more passing out business cards to everyone or signing in on a registration sheet to be manually typed in and forwarded to you later that day.  Your e-Card is instantly shared with the group the moment you walk in the room; everyone’s data is now in your contact list.  Think of all the time you saved by not having to type all that info into your phone!

Going to a networking event?  Set your app to share your e-Card with the Group as soon as you arrive.  Did you miss talking to a person that you saw across the room earlier because the insurance salesman had you cornered at the bar?  No problem!  Contact them later at your convenience using the attendees list downloaded to your phone.

Attending a conference?  Instantly check in with the host as you enter, and receive a list of attendees.  Did you miss bumping into someone that might have been there?  Check the list!  An added bonus is receiving the latest conference updates on your phone throughout the day.

Host/Guest info Swaps

This function allows the host to trade contact information with every guest at an event.

Hosting a party for your small child that includes parent drop-off?  Here’s a story – We had a birthday party for my daughter in 1st grade.  This was the first time that most parents were willing to drop off their child and not “hover.”  But the one thing that every parent demanded was to provide a phone number to my wife, and receive her number in return.  I watched her exchange phone numbers with about ten moms for almost twenty minutes.  When she should have been running the party, instead she was standing near the door typing in every mom’s name and phone number and calling them so that each mom had her phone number too.  Now, as the host, your contact information is shared directly with each parent, and vice versa as they come through the door.  With Past Zero, it happens in only seconds!

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