It’s an App to improve your social life by increasing your ability to remember people in your life more than ever before. It combines the functions of a rolodex with a networking device to improve your ability to record, retain, and recall every person that you wish to remember in the future.

Past Zero allows you to enter a contact into as many Groups as you like.
No, Past Zero only allows you to “push” your e-Card to someone. This protects your information from ever going to somewhere without your approval, and helps to ensure your privacy.
Yes, you can create as many e-Cards as you like to reflect your different “hats.” For example, you could create one e-Card for your personal life, and a professional one for work, and even one that reflects a hobby or interest for social situations with like-minded individuals.
The Broadcast function extends to approximately 75’.
Try clearing out your app and entering back in; this should overcome a slow refresh rate.
Just click the orange box to the right of any premade Group or create a new Group, and then click “accept.”
Past Zero allows you to send your e-Card in an email that contains a link to the app. Once the recipient clicks on the link to download the Past Zero app, your e-Card is now their first download.
One-to-One transfer can be used for the host to exchange POC information directly with each guest attending an event. Examples for use:

  • Child’s orientation prior to the first day of school; would allow the teacher to quickly and easily exchange POC information with every parent.
  • Child’s birthday party – Allows for easy exchange of POC information between host and each child’s parent during drop-off.

The Conference setting can be used for any gathering or meeting of a group of people. This function could be used for the first meeting of any group – whether for a professional or casual setting, it allows for the instant transfer and sharing of all attendees’ POC info, replacing the need for sign-in sheets that require manual data entry into a spreadsheet for sharing of information amongst the members. Examples for use:

  • First meeting for a child’s Little League baseball team – Parents can instantly share POC information for coordinating volunteer duties such as team mom, assistant coaching, fundraising, etc.… It also helps parents to quickly learn each other’s names and improve camaraderie.
  • First meeting for a team project – Instead of sharing business cards (if everyone remembered to bring them), all attendees can instantly exchange information and walk away with POC information for the entire group in their phones.