Does any of this sound familiar?

You can’t recall the bartender’s name at your favorite pub even though your kids play on the same soccer team and you exchange pleasantries on a regular basis.

You have chatted with the receptionist at the Dentist office for years.  You remember that she is married with kids, but can’t recall any of the specifics that she shared with you about her life.  And worst of all, you can’t even remember her name when you call to make that next appointment!

You bumped into that woman at the grocery store from the neighborhood PTA – what’s her name again?  Embarrassing!

The dishwasher is overflowing all over your kitchen floor, but you can’t remember your favorite plumber’s name.  It’s in your phone, but there are several hundred people in your contact list.  Do you start at the As, or maybe with the Zs?!?  Will you recognize his name when you see it?  Wow, look at all that water!

The dishwasher is still overflowing (now into your dining room!), but you remember the plumber also left you his business card.  Where is it?  Somewhere in one of the kitchen drawers, or the shoe box in your closet, or maybe in that storage bin in the guest bedroom?  Ugh, back to scanning the alphabet in your contacts list…

You have most likely experienced similar moments.  And if you are like me, you want to remember people better, but how do you do it?

The Solution – Download This App!

Past Zero provides one place to record and retain all the pertinent information on people that you have met, accessible at any time in seconds by the easiest way for you to recall – a group they associate with, their first name, or even their picture.  From now on, remembering someone’s name is only a click away.

The app provides a simple database, organized to assist you in recalling clients, acquaintances, friends, and family.  It’s like having your old Rolodex in your pocket, but with a more efficient search and recall capability.  And there are no complicated gimmicks – no need for mnemonics or made up limericks to help you remember people and their names.  Just the facts!

Its success lies in the way that data is organized – it allows you to easily recall whoever you are looking for.  Contacts are not only accessible alphabetically, but also by how you know them.  Group new acquaintances into memorable and easily retrievable blocks of information: Bowling league, PTA, local church, work place, the book club, golf and poker buddies, family, neighborhood… The list is endless.  Think about how many groups you belong to, and how much easier it would be to organize your entire contact list by associating individuals with those same groups.

When you meet someone new, there is no more need to scribble on a bar napkin or sticky note, or add to that giant pile of business cards.  If you have your phone, then you are always ready to manage and improve your social life!

Download our app now and
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